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27 Jan 2016

Online Release :: Lifting The Veil

B3 CD WowWallet with Pouch_Outside

Today we celebrate the online release of our second musical journey, Lifting The Veil, through Whatabout Music Label (New York/Barcelona).

More Info  .  Listen and Download  .  Press Links

15 Dec 2015

Bianca d’Aponte cover :: Dorothy (new recording)

We’re happy to share our cover of Bianca d’Aponte’s Doroty with you!

Recorded last summer with producer Dave Bianchi as our offering to the beautiful Estensioni compilation CD, featuring eleven female singers from around the world each covering one of Bianca d’Aponte’s songs in their own mother tongue.

Thanks to Sebastian Crispo on guitar, Jorge da Rocha on doublebass, Lisa Bause on violins and Xavi Molero on drums.

31 Aug 2015

Menú Stereo Canal+ Xtra :: Hallelujah Duet with Tori Sparks

We really enjoyed collaborating with Tori Sparks and the Menú Stereo team for this version of Hallelujah! The full show is available on Canal+ Xtra!

Thanks to Pepo, Juanjo, Xavi, Xavi, Tori and Francisco!

30 Jul 2015

Fiction Parc :: Remember The Radio

It was a great pleasure collaborating with the super talented Aurélian Landy Gana, Daniel Nemirovsky and Andreu Monclús of Fiction Parc for this special track…

Remember The Radio!

23 Jul 2015

OpenLab Radio :: From The Source with Dave Bianchi

Tune into OpenLab today 10-12h CET.

I’m sharing 25 of the songs I love From The Source with Dave Bianchi.

That’s 106.4FM in Ibiza & Formentera and worldwide via

Samantha de Siena OpenLab