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Xavi Molero

drums, percussion

Xavi Molero, also known as "Mole", started the Barcelona Bands, Egon Soda and Sanpedro. He studied in the Aula de Música Moderna del Liceu de Barcelona with Quim Solè and, for years, has been playing and recording with both his own projects and a number of other artists, almost all of which are linked to the independent scene.

Some of the artists and groups he has worked with include: Egon Soda, Sanpedro, El Hijo, Refree, Zahara, Love of Lesbian, Roger Mas, Fernando Alfaro, Adrià Puntí, Josh Rouse, Nacho Umbert, Paul Fuster, Bikimel, Beth, Jofre Bardagí, The Rockdelux Experience, Jeanette, Aroah, Catpeople, Miqui Puig, Vinodelfin, Maarten Swaan, Dry Martínez, Dídac Rocher, Habituales, The Texas Sapphires, Inspira and Ciudadano.