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December 31st, 2009

From The Misbehavers to Here Inside, 2009

Between January and June, I played around Barcelona with both The Misbehavers and The Return while working on my songs.

In July, I performed snapshots of my music at a Petcha Kutcha night in Barcelona.

At the beginning of August, we played our final show together as The Misbehavers at the Nunoff festival. This time with David Faure on percussion.

At the end of August, as a finalist in the Mujeres del Planeta songwriting competition, I was invited to play at the Teatro Lara, in Madrid. My prize is recording my winning song, Dreaming of the end, with producer Paco Ortega, for the compilation CD.

On 7 November, I played my first show of original songs with Maru Di Pace and Ivo Saint, both from the band, Dodo. We opened Michael Bevilacqua’s exhibition at The Senda Gallery in Barcelona and were filmed by Barcelona Television.

On 23 November, we began recording my debut album.


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